Hello world!…

This is my very first post. I’m not to sure where to start as I am new at this, so I will breifley tell you about myself, apart from my name as I want this blog to be anonymous for now, and see where it goes, so for now my name is OnlineBloggingGirl. I’m 15 years old and live in London England, I live outside of London. I have 2 sisters, Stef and Emily (not their real names) and one brother, john who are all older, and of course I have my adoring parents, mum and dad ­čÖé I also have many close friends but I have my bestfriend, Chloe who is practically a third sister anyway.┬áMy hobbies are photography and beauty, also baking, I would like to work in something like one of my hobbies one┬áday or maybe working with younger children as I enjoy this too, but I wouldn’t quite word it that’s it’s one of my hobbies….lol. I’ve started this blog as I really love zoella and other youtubers, I enjoy what they all do and would like to start myself. I seem to also have in common with zoella my hobbies. The way she started becoming who she was was through blogs so that’s how I have also started, at the moment I find it hard to belive anyone with search this website link and find me but its worth a try, I will see where this blog goes but as far as now I have no clue what sort of things I will be writing about other than maybe topics to do with my hobbies, tips, blogs some of you may suggest for me (if any of you see this) and also discuss and talk about problems, as like Zoella I suffer with anxiety also, at the moment it’s 1:41 in the morning on Saturday and including today it’s 6 days until I start year 11!!!!! The year of revision, weird to start a blog right at the beginning of it as I will be super busy, at the moment I could easily say I could post everyday but as I start year 11 this may change just to let any readers out there know. Anyway I hope you enjoy my blogs… First blog done !

OBG… Aka – OnlineBloggingGirl