A few days…

Hi guys !!

I havnt posted in a few days because on Monday it was sadly the funeral of the person who I lost close to me so I wasnt quite up for writing a cheery blog, I still easily get sad over it but I hope it will get better soon !!

School was okay today however I did get upset at points during the day, my friends where there for me it was just that Chloe had a bad day which I hadn’t realised so she wasn’t quite her self as she was yesterday, so me being meme, I get my thoughts twisted, and I begun to think she wasnt there for me anymore but we talked and it’s all okay now, we were both just having our bad day !! Other than that we had a half day which is good and on Friday I have my friends party which will be good to get my mind of things and then Saturday I’m staying over at Chole’s and you may notice that in my blogs most of my weekends invlove her lol as she is like family we are practically seeing eachother 24/7 which thankfull re a sures me that we will keep in contact to meet in the future as our jobs or sixth forms will take us to different places !!

We go in late tomorrow which is good but we have school photos which I HATE. I am getting a sibling photo with Chloe though for the lolz 😂😂 anyway tell me about your school day and I will post yours and how yours was or message me with something you would like to see on my blog

p.s if your a youtuber lover then you may of saw the wax models of Zoe and Alfie !! They were absolutely amazing I would love to visit them !!

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One Direction…

Hey guys !

I had my second comment on someone liking my blog today !! A shoutout to “breannajayne” !! So thank you so much please tell anyone you know who likes bloggers 🙂

Sooooo last night as I said was ONE DIRECTION!! I’m not sure if you guys like them but I doo!!! I used to be in love with them more a few years ago but I still do like them and like them a little more again after the concert ! Here’s a picture ….


They were absolutely incredible !! Harry got everyone to sing happy birthday to a girl called Ella who sat at the front row, and he gave her a hug !! I’m so jealous !

Before we went into the concert we went to five guys and stuffed our faces, I say “our” as me and my sister Stef went together 🙂 I did get a panic attack in five guys (and on the way home in the train station) but they were the only down falls (I told Chole about it but I think she kept forgetting what I was saying in my snapchat vedios I sent her because  she didn’t reply to it, aha, however we send about 1000 second vedios to eachother that by the time you’ve finished watching it you forget what was said…But I can’t blame her I do the same!!) but other than that it was such a good night ! I just woke up with a sore throat this morning :0 … Oooo by the way anyone seeing them, don’t take sweets with you, me and my sister had sweets and they don’t let you take them in, even though you can get them up there, they just want you to buy them!!! But you might want to take some just in case because that might only be at the 02!!

…. Moving on to today ….

I got up this morning with a sore throat but a cheeky grin as I went to visit my sisters friends baby ! She had her two weeks ago and she is adorable !! I had a cuddle and she was so small !!!

When I got home well so far nothing really, just on social media since… Sounds bad because I have homework to do !!! But I will proablly do some after I have wrote this!! (I reall fancy some popcorn…aha anyway…) I hope that someone found my cookie recipe and will have ago !! Remeber to send me picutres if you did !!

Quick question before I go… I know this may seem early to do because I’m no where near a big blogger !! But shall I create a OnlineBloggingGirl account on Twitter and snaochat ? I do already have these accounts set to my real identity but I just thought it might be a good idea to maybe get a snapchat and Twitter account set to my blog 🙂 the reason I say this now I think is because I find it impossible to think I could be as successful as Zoella but if I ever did and this blog turned into YouTube vedios and revealing myself  I would of already gained some more early in confidence, if that makes sence….. I don’t know, let me no what you think 🙂

Let me know any ideas you would like on my blog … Thank you !!

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How to… Chocolate chip oat cookies…


How to make my Chocolate chip oat cookies…

You will need …..

6oz/175g – Plain flour

Pinch – Salt

1tsp – Baking powder

1/4tsp – Bicarbonate of soda

3oz/75g – Butter or margarine

2oz/50g – Soft light brown sugar

3tbsp – Golden syrup

4oz/125g – Chocolate chips

4oz/125g – Oats (Porridge oats)

Method –

Step 1 – In a large bowl,  sift together the flour, salt, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda.

Step 2 – Cut  butter or margarine into small pieces and add to the flour mixture

Step 3 – Using  two knives or your fingertips rub in the butter or margarine until the mixture becomes fine breadcrumbs

Step 4 –  Now add the light brown sugar, golden syrup, chocolate chips and oats, mix together until a soft dough texture forms

Step 5 – Pre heat the oven at  190°C/375°F, gas mark 5 (Let’s be honest you never need to do it at step one, the oven won’t need that long to warm up, it never does! However if yours does then tough “cookies” and you’ll have to wait a little longer lol!)

Step 6 –  Shape the mixture into small balls and arrange them on a baking sheet place on a tray or a tray that has been greased over,  make sure you leave enough space to allow your yummy cookies to expand (As they do when they are in the oven!)

Step 7 –  Using the palm of your hand carefully flatten the mixture just slightly as this will improve how they bake, making them bigger also :p

Step 8 –  Now pop in the oven for 12 – 15 minutes or until looking golden and cooked through

Step 9 –  Allow your tempting cookies to cool slightly all Together (however you prefer them) and enjoy 🙂



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TGI Friday…

Hi guys…

thank god it’s Friday ! The end of the week… Today I received my first comment from someone saying that like my blog so a shoutout to (itsjustteng)  so I’m really happy !!! I also managed it through the school week aha ! Had a few panic attacks but Clo asked if I was okay so I was all good 🙂 Me and Chole actually met today and she is the first person I told about my blog ! But I trust her to keep that secret ! Weather I’ll tell my family I don’t know !! But we had a sleepover and watched Sydney white it’s her number one film and she had felt down recently I got her the DVD 😉 anyway tomorrow is One Direction AHHH !!! Maybe I’ll post my first photo on here of the 02 arena 🙂 anyway it’s 1:01 and I need sleep !! So night guys !!! Please let the word get round about my blog !!!

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Just a blog…

Hi guys….

Still havnt been noticed but I am hoping to soon as I posted a comment in the zoella website saying to check my blog out !! I wasn’t sure what I was going to talk about in this blog just anything really 🙂 To start with I am so excited to see one direction this weekend on Saturday !!! Anyone you you have tickets to see them soon ? X School has been slightly better with friends I just still get panicky a lot !!! I’m hoping to do some baking soon that I can take pictures of and share with you ! Give me lots of blog ideas if you have any 🙂 I made sausage rolls earlier aha but I didn’t think they were much to take a photo off …. I will hopefull blog tomorrow I just have no idea what to do it about but looking at Zoe’s hopefully something along the lines of beauty or hair styles done of a styles hair dol I have which will be good to use for this blog as it is anonymous 😉 sorry this is some rushed blog it’s just 23:22 already and I’m so terird and the thought of having to get up in 8 hours for school at 7 feels like not enough time aha !!! So I’m off to bed now but I hope to blog tomorrow and maybe see people have noticed my blog AHHH I’m excited I just don’t want to get my hopes up as I feel this is not a common blog site lol !!! Night all 🙂

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One of thoese days…

Hey guys, so far no one has still yet seen my blogs not to sure when people well I don’t even know if this is a website where people will even go on aha ! I havnt posted in a while because the day after my blog I sadly lost someone very close to me, I’m still finding it hard. I also had a bad day at school having a panic attack 😦 but my bestfriend Chloe was there for me so that made me feel better ! However she has been a little sad recently too so I hope I have been there for her ! If any of you have had a bad day et me no what your bad day was because mine was today 😦 sorry for the lack on happiness in the blog but I hope for a more cheerful one soon 🙂

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