TGI Friday…

Hi guys…

thank god it’s Friday ! The end of the week… Today I received my first comment from someone saying that like my blog so a shoutout to (itsjustteng)  so I’m really happy !!! I also managed it through the school week aha ! Had a few panic attacks but Clo asked if I was okay so I was all good 🙂 Me and Chole actually met today and she is the first person I told about my blog ! But I trust her to keep that secret ! Weather I’ll tell my family I don’t know !! But we had a sleepover and watched Sydney white it’s her number one film and she had felt down recently I got her the DVD 😉 anyway tomorrow is One Direction AHHH !!! Maybe I’ll post my first photo on here of the 02 arena 🙂 anyway it’s 1:01 and I need sleep !! So night guys !!! Please let the word get round about my blog !!!

OBG… Aka – OnlineBloggingGirl


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