A few days…

Hi guys !!

I havnt posted in a few days because on Monday it was sadly the funeral of the person who I lost close to me so I wasnt quite up for writing a cheery blog, I still easily get sad over it but I hope it will get better soon !!

School was okay today however I did get upset at points during the day, my friends where there for me it was just that Chloe had a bad day which I hadn’t realised so she wasn’t quite her self as she was yesterday, so me being meme, I get my thoughts twisted, and I begun to think she wasnt there for me anymore but we talked and it’s all okay now, we were both just having our bad day !! Other than that we had a half day which is good and on Friday I have my friends party which will be good to get my mind of things and then Saturday I’m staying over at Chole’s and you may notice that in my blogs most of my weekends invlove her lol as she is like family we are practically seeing eachother 24/7 which thankfull re a sures me that we will keep in contact to meet in the future as our jobs or sixth forms will take us to different places !!

We go in late tomorrow which is good but we have school photos which I HATE. I am getting a sibling photo with Chloe though for the lolz πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ anyway tell me about your school day and I will post yours and how yours was or message me with something you would like to see on my blog

p.s if your a youtuber lover then you may of saw the wax models of Zoe and Alfie !! They were absolutely amazing I would love to visit them !!

OBG… Aka – OnlineBloggingGirl


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