Been a while…

Hi guys!!!

Its been ages I feel since my last blog ! I’ve been so busy but writing a blog has been at the back of my head for weeks !!! I have 2 new delicious treats to share with you which I will blog after this one !!

So latley I’ve just had homework and extra dance lessons for our show and helping out at brownies so I’ve been super busy ! But our dance we are doing for a completion is looking great !!! (Fact about me: I do dance)  Because I’m doing Duke Of Edinburgh award I’ve done my walk but my volunteer work is helping out at brownies however I have done my time there now but am staying in as I enjoy working with younger children !!

School has been okay but I have had quite and few panic attacks at least 3 a day in the past two weeks, it used to be 1 a day but it’s spiked 😠 Generally I keep it in but it’s nice to tell someone (e.g you guys) because my friends know I get panic attacks it’s as if they are …..(I don’t wanna say used to it but …) used to it and so just leave out the questions of how I am and if I’m okay that’s hard especially after loosing someone what feels like not long ago but it’s okay I have my mum who asks and who I talk to so she makes it better for me (like mums do) so anyway not getting in too deep sad note ……

We have a day off school today so I’m going shopping with Chloe and then we are having dinner at nandos but first I need to get ready and do homework !! I’m the  staying at hers the night (which rarely happens because I arrange everything and so it’s always at my house) (😂😂😂JOKING CHLOE, I JUST KNEW I WOULD READ THIS TO YOU LATER)  the  Saturday I’m learning my German paragraphs because we have an assessment for our GCSE 😐 however Sunday I’m having a meal with all the family for my brothers birthday !! My grandad will be coming out of hospital for this also which I’m so pleased about as where he is staying you have to be 18 or over to visit which I am not 😠 So anyway that’s been my past couple of weeks !!

OMG also guys I had another one of my friends party, she had it in a party bus and it was the best party ever !! My birthday is 22nd of December and a little while yet but I would really like one for mine !!!!! (Though I’m now getting called “wild girl” “pole dancer” and the worst “alcoholic”) when I only drunk like 1/4 of Malibu the that sucks but just let them in one ear out the other even thought I’m in the Earle of crying sometimes 😐 But I just thought it was a really good night !!!!

How have your weeks been ?? Let me know in the comment below !!

OBG… Aka – OnlineBloggingGirl


4 thoughts on “Been a while…

  1. OMG I love one direction!!! I went to their show in Cardiff and it was amazing! But I had my first ever panic attack while I was surrounded by loads of screaming girls and because I was near the front there was no getting out! since then I’ve always been finding myself in situations where I’m surrounded by a lot of people and I just crumble. Anyways I’m glad you had a good time! :))))


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