Not enough blogs!!!…

Hi guys …

omg I have not kept up with my blog ! I am so dissopointed in myself !! I hope I still have all my readers !! Send me a message through and I will be sure to reply πŸ™‚

I have had a crazy amount of work and I am on half term now just the rest of this week left but I have been so busy and all I have thought about is “woman write a blog!!” So I have finally done all my homework now however I still have revision to do for my mocks !!! I will try post more now !! Sorry I havnt !!Β Due to how much work I have been given it has given me, yes… You guessed it, panic attacks, I felt like I had my worst one ever on Monday I was not good !! I still almost feel shaken up from it now and still not quite myself but a lot better ! However I don’t really want to talk about things that are on a downer at the moment sooo….

What are you guys doing for Halloween ??!! I think I’m going trick or treat with ChloeΒ and some other girls and then Chloe is coming back to stay aswell with another one of my friends … Let’s call her .. Gaby πŸ™‚ which will be good !! HORROR MOVIES HERE WE COME AHH !! It’s really weird because Chloe has been away this half term we havnt met once yet and will only meet once in the half term at the weekend, it’s just weird because usally my friends who I didn’t get round to meeting in the half term asked me what I did and I’m always saying just with Chloe…(ligit the whole time) but can’t now because we only saw eachother once ahh !!

However next half term in our longer one for Christmas we should see lots of eachother then as it is my birthday, my party, Christmas, New Years, my friends birthday party and oh yeah we are also off to Germany for Christmas for a school trip ! Sadly I’m not sitting next to Chloe on the coach 😦 another girl got that position before me 😦 but I am sitting next to Clo on the ferry and I think we are walking round together in the shops, it would be nice to as it will be two days before my birthday so it will be like a pre birthday trip with my friends πŸ™‚ but she might be going around with her friends from her class I’m not to sure yet !! I’m going to sit next to Gaby on the coach which will be good and I’m really looking flawed to that πŸ™‚

btw again like Zoella I get so excited for Christmas so early !! Do you guys to !! If you do please let’s talk lol !! I loveeee Christmas and I’m so excited for it now I could go on for ages !

Anyway will hopefully blog tomorrow !!!!!!

Bye guys !!

OBG… Aka – OnlineBloggingGirl


2 thoughts on “Not enough blogs!!!…

  1. Hi! πŸ™‚ I’m loving your blog, you seem so nice, fun and friendly! I was also inspired by Zoella to start a blog, mind checking it out? Carry on with the amazing work, your blogs so cute! πŸ™‚

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