No school…

Hey guys !!

Thought I would post today as I’m off school today with a virus 😦 I’m inly gunna be revising though because I have mock exams next week 😦 I’ve been panicking so much, the past few weeks has been awful, I havnt been able to just look forward to my birthday or Christmas or my birthday party mocks are just in the way 😦

i do need some answers though to something !!! So Chloe last night said “I just keep it in and let no body notice” she said that because I said she has been happier this week than she was last week as her bad week was last week but then this week so far she has Been laughing at lunch, being herself but apparently if that is her keeping it in does that mean she puts it all on …… I’m the person to overthink ALOT so I’m either doing that or say for example the week of my party and she says she excited is that keeping her sadness in or is she genuinely excited ????? I can no longer  tell the diffrence :O

Ayway I could chat for ages about how wrong these past few weeks have been but I don’t think it will help, so I’m putting Up my Christmas decorations this weekend and I still need to buy my advent calander !!!

Im so excited for 24 days of zoella !!! And also I havnt mentioned but I watch pretty little liars and their November special is out today so I shall be watching that ahhhh !!!!

OBG… Aka – OnlineBloggingGirl



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