I am back….

omg !!!! It’s been since the 25th of Novemeber.. 4 months nearly !!! I forgot the password to my blog and I just generally have not wrote anything even though I’ve wanted to but lazy me I just haven’t been bothered!!!!!


I went to Germany for a school trip which was so lovely and had my birthday and Christmas !!! They were lots of fun and I enjoyed my break over Christmas !!!!!!

We went back to school and things got a little hard with school and how much work they were giving me ! Year 11 is hard !!! It was Chloe’s birthday in January and she got a dog which is exactly what I think she would get !! She is called Ella and she is adorable ! But has sadly grown so quickly !

Sadly I then hit  a wall after Chloe’s birthday and had to go in to hospital for the weekend, they found I was very anemic and simply did not have enough blood to keep me going for much longer so they gave me a blood transfusion where more blood is put in to you ! Thankfull I’m better than I was !!!!!!

Lots has gone on with my friendship group ! Drama drama drama lol !!!!!

My GCSE are in May and I’m super nervous so me now for the next three months I’ll be revising oh joy !!! (not)

i think after year 11 I will go to colledge as a lot of shit has happened in school with me, I gained depression,anxiety and pniac attacks (I have even just started having a counseller) and lots of friend troubles so nothing is really keeping me there ! I will take either beauty or hair I’m not sure yet !!! But I’m looking foward to it and one of my now very close friends Lilly is too !!!! She has always been a good friend but recently we have found we have a lot in common weather if that’s with friends or work or places we want to go ! We are simailar in every way which is nice !!!!!

Ive had drama with boys but that’s common ahah !!!!

now coming up to this week it’s Been bad and so ive felt a lot oF feeling seconds choice, I feel like my friend has put be second choice for a lot, it makes me really sad as I make such an effort, I need help with the situation so if u guys have any ideas or have a similar situation let me no!!!

anyway sorry for the rush of this but I hope to blog and stay to it even though I have revision now !! It’s just I’ve found this time is as stressful than ever and getting my feelings and thoughts out on here really helps !!!!

Still love my readers !!!

OBG… Aka – OnlineBloggingGirl


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