My days need to get better…

Hey guys !!

I really want my blogs to be happy again 😫 I feel like at the moment I’m upset a lot and my depression is extremely bad today 😪

In year 7 I had a group of friends, a different group of Friends to what I have now, the friends in year 7 was with 3 other people, they always met up without me and constantly made me upset by going this, it was like this until it got to mid year 9 this is when Chloe joined our group, they then left me and Chloe out and we would talk about this and just mention “yup our whole group has met up without us again” by the time it got to half way through year 10 two of the members from the year 7 group we came away from as they were not very nice people and they are just Genreally unkind, spiteful and immature. Now in year 11 we have a group of 4/5 (one member is feeling rather alone at the moment and has almost disconnected from our group but still has lunch with us and things) but anyway this present group have now left me, they have met up now several times without me and it’s begging to hurt, they posted photos making sure to write the comments “best friends” when I wasn’t in them, they posted on practically all their social media they had. I’m honestly such a sensitive person and I’m so upset by this, my friends have really hurt me and why would they want to do this to me, I feel my secondary school life has all just been me being left, I feel like my life isn’t even worth living because I feel I must be a bad person. My bestfriends have made me feel like this. I feel I can’t tell them this because what they do is just say I’m wrong, they will deny everything and not except that they have really made me upset, they would never say sorry, they would just say they are in the right…

Please I really need some advise, if you’ve been in or are in this situation let me know and tell me what I should do, for example, stay or go???

Sadly on this situation making me so depressed with many other things on my plate also, I have 100% decided to leave my school, after my GCSE’s this September I will be going to college and not my schools sixth form, I simply cannot bare to feel like this anymore, so I’m going to leave and all I keep saying over and over in my head is “your leaving because of your friends” Friends are not supposed to make you feel like this and mine have, it’s not even a choice to leave as to be honest it’s though I’m not leaving and that I’ve been pushed away by my friends to no longer stay on at school 😪

I simply cannot go on like this….

anyway I am extremely sorry for this sad and rather boring blog !!!! One another note how has everyone’s Easter been??!! And what everyone’s thoughts on youtubers latest blogs and vlogs ☺️

I will always love my readers xoxo
OBG… Aka – OnlineBloggingGirl