My days need to get better…

Hey guys !!

I really want my blogs to be happy again 😫 I feel like at the moment I’m upset a lot and my depression is extremely bad today 😪

In year 7 I had a group of friends, a different group of Friends to what I have now, the friends in year 7 was with 3 other people, they always met up without me and constantly made me upset by going this, it was like this until it got to mid year 9 this is when Chloe joined our group, they then left me and Chloe out and we would talk about this and just mention “yup our whole group has met up without us again” by the time it got to half way through year 10 two of the members from the year 7 group we came away from as they were not very nice people and they are just Genreally unkind, spiteful and immature. Now in year 11 we have a group of 4/5 (one member is feeling rather alone at the moment and has almost disconnected from our group but still has lunch with us and things) but anyway this present group have now left me, they have met up now several times without me and it’s begging to hurt, they posted photos making sure to write the comments “best friends” when I wasn’t in them, they posted on practically all their social media they had. I’m honestly such a sensitive person and I’m so upset by this, my friends have really hurt me and why would they want to do this to me, I feel my secondary school life has all just been me being left, I feel like my life isn’t even worth living because I feel I must be a bad person. My bestfriends have made me feel like this. I feel I can’t tell them this because what they do is just say I’m wrong, they will deny everything and not except that they have really made me upset, they would never say sorry, they would just say they are in the right…

Please I really need some advise, if you’ve been in or are in this situation let me know and tell me what I should do, for example, stay or go???

Sadly on this situation making me so depressed with many other things on my plate also, I have 100% decided to leave my school, after my GCSE’s this September I will be going to college and not my schools sixth form, I simply cannot bare to feel like this anymore, so I’m going to leave and all I keep saying over and over in my head is “your leaving because of your friends” Friends are not supposed to make you feel like this and mine have, it’s not even a choice to leave as to be honest it’s though I’m not leaving and that I’ve been pushed away by my friends to no longer stay on at school 😪

I simply cannot go on like this….

anyway I am extremely sorry for this sad and rather boring blog !!!! One another note how has everyone’s Easter been??!! And what everyone’s thoughts on youtubers latest blogs and vlogs ☺️

I will always love my readers xoxo
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I am back….

omg !!!! It’s been since the 25th of Novemeber.. 4 months nearly !!! I forgot the password to my blog and I just generally have not wrote anything even though I’ve wanted to but lazy me I just haven’t been bothered!!!!!


I went to Germany for a school trip which was so lovely and had my birthday and Christmas !!! They were lots of fun and I enjoyed my break over Christmas !!!!!!

We went back to school and things got a little hard with school and how much work they were giving me ! Year 11 is hard !!! It was Chloe’s birthday in January and she got a dog which is exactly what I think she would get !! She is called Ella and she is adorable ! But has sadly grown so quickly !

Sadly I then hit  a wall after Chloe’s birthday and had to go in to hospital for the weekend, they found I was very anemic and simply did not have enough blood to keep me going for much longer so they gave me a blood transfusion where more blood is put in to you ! Thankfull I’m better than I was !!!!!!

Lots has gone on with my friendship group ! Drama drama drama lol !!!!!

My GCSE are in May and I’m super nervous so me now for the next three months I’ll be revising oh joy !!! (not)

i think after year 11 I will go to colledge as a lot of shit has happened in school with me, I gained depression,anxiety and pniac attacks (I have even just started having a counseller) and lots of friend troubles so nothing is really keeping me there ! I will take either beauty or hair I’m not sure yet !!! But I’m looking foward to it and one of my now very close friends Lilly is too !!!! She has always been a good friend but recently we have found we have a lot in common weather if that’s with friends or work or places we want to go ! We are simailar in every way which is nice !!!!!

Ive had drama with boys but that’s common ahah !!!!

now coming up to this week it’s Been bad and so ive felt a lot oF feeling seconds choice, I feel like my friend has put be second choice for a lot, it makes me really sad as I make such an effort, I need help with the situation so if u guys have any ideas or have a similar situation let me no!!!

anyway sorry for the rush of this but I hope to blog and stay to it even though I have revision now !! It’s just I’ve found this time is as stressful than ever and getting my feelings and thoughts out on here really helps !!!!

Still love my readers !!!

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No school…

Hey guys !!

Thought I would post today as I’m off school today with a virus 😦 I’m inly gunna be revising though because I have mock exams next week 😦 I’ve been panicking so much, the past few weeks has been awful, I havnt been able to just look forward to my birthday or Christmas or my birthday party mocks are just in the way 😦

i do need some answers though to something !!! So Chloe last night said “I just keep it in and let no body notice” she said that because I said she has been happier this week than she was last week as her bad week was last week but then this week so far she has Been laughing at lunch, being herself but apparently if that is her keeping it in does that mean she puts it all on …… I’m the person to overthink ALOT so I’m either doing that or say for example the week of my party and she says she excited is that keeping her sadness in or is she genuinely excited ????? I can no longer  tell the diffrence :O

Ayway I could chat for ages about how wrong these past few weeks have been but I don’t think it will help, so I’m putting Up my Christmas decorations this weekend and I still need to buy my advent calander !!!

Im so excited for 24 days of zoella !!! And also I havnt mentioned but I watch pretty little liars and their November special is out today so I shall be watching that ahhhh !!!!

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Too early…

hey guys !!

By now I’ve porbally lost all my amazing vewiers I’m lacking so much with my blogs ! I’m gunna start trying really hard now !! But it’s Sunday school tomorrow means another load of homework 😦

so is it to early to talk about Christmas lol !! I’m so excited !! The John Lewis advert made me cry ! They always do !! I’ve done my Christmas list and I’m so excited !!

Zoe is doing a Q&A today so don’t forget to give her a question !! Also she is announcing her big surprise ahh !!!!

I think I’d like to do a Q&A on this blog and if I get enough questions I’ll answer them in my next post 🙂

what have you guys been up to latley anyway ???? I’ve done work…more work and oh work again !! We have tests coming up and I’m revising for what feels like forever !!! Oooo btw I’ve done a Twitter account for my blog so please go follow ….. online_blogging

ill be sure to follow you all back 🙂

anyway tell me whatever guys !!! Your week, something your excited about, something your worried about anything !! Let’s get a conversation going 🙂

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Not enough blogs!!!…

Hi guys …

omg I have not kept up with my blog ! I am so dissopointed in myself !! I hope I still have all my readers !! Send me a message through and I will be sure to reply 🙂

I have had a crazy amount of work and I am on half term now just the rest of this week left but I have been so busy and all I have thought about is “woman write a blog!!” So I have finally done all my homework now however I still have revision to do for my mocks !!! I will try post more now !! Sorry I havnt !! Due to how much work I have been given it has given me, yes… You guessed it, panic attacks, I felt like I had my worst one ever on Monday I was not good !! I still almost feel shaken up from it now and still not quite myself but a lot better ! However I don’t really want to talk about things that are on a downer at the moment sooo….

What are you guys doing for Halloween ??!! I think I’m going trick or treat with Chloe and some other girls and then Chloe is coming back to stay aswell with another one of my friends … Let’s call her .. Gaby 🙂 which will be good !! HORROR MOVIES HERE WE COME AHH !! It’s really weird because Chloe has been away this half term we havnt met once yet and will only meet once in the half term at the weekend, it’s just weird because usally my friends who I didn’t get round to meeting in the half term asked me what I did and I’m always saying just with Chloe…(ligit the whole time) but can’t now because we only saw eachother once ahh !!

However next half term in our longer one for Christmas we should see lots of eachother then as it is my birthday, my party, Christmas, New Years, my friends birthday party and oh yeah we are also off to Germany for Christmas for a school trip ! Sadly I’m not sitting next to Chloe on the coach 😦 another girl got that position before me 😦 but I am sitting next to Clo on the ferry and I think we are walking round together in the shops, it would be nice to as it will be two days before my birthday so it will be like a pre birthday trip with my friends 🙂 but she might be going around with her friends from her class I’m not to sure yet !! I’m going to sit next to Gaby on the coach which will be good and I’m really looking flawed to that 🙂

btw again like Zoella I get so excited for Christmas so early !! Do you guys to !! If you do please let’s talk lol !! I loveeee Christmas and I’m so excited for it now I could go on for ages !

Anyway will hopefully blog tomorrow !!!!!!

Bye guys !!

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My lemon drizzle cake…

Hi guys !!

This is one of the bakes out of 3 I have recently made 🙂

This is a Mary Berry recipe … (She’s so cool and cute 😂)

Its super easy and I hope you use it and enjoy it 🙂

You will need..

For the cake:                                                                                                                                 1½ large eggs
87.5g (3 oz) self-raising flour
87.5g (3 oz) caster sugar
87.5g (3 oz) softened butter
3/4 level tsp baking powder
Finely grated zest of ½ lemon

For the drizzle:                                                                                                                           50g Caster sugar
Juice of ½ lemon

(Also a 1lb loaf shaped Tin)

Method –

  1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/Gas Mark 4.
  2. Beat together the eggs, flour, caster sugar, butter, baking powder and lemon zest until smooth in a large mixing bowl and turn into the prepared tin.
  3. Bake in the pre-heated oven for about 35 mins, or until golden brown, shrinking away from the sides of the tin and springy to the touch.
  4. While the cake is still warm, make the lemon drizzle topping. Mix together the sugar and lemon juice, and pour over the warm cake.
  5. Leave to cool a little and loosen the sides of the cake, then lift the cake out of the tin.

Here’s my Lemon drizzle cake 😉

imageimage image

Take pictures if you guys make this and be sure to send them to me !! Also drop in a message to know I know your still reading my blog !! Otherwise give me a blog idea you want me to write about 🙂

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